Hand-loomed Charcoal Scarf


The brushed woven shawls are one of our most popular, and favorite products! They’re simple, versatile, and can be used as a wrap, shawl or scarf. They are an elegant and cozy addition to any ensemble and are lightweight, which makes it great for the traveler. They are woven on a wooden loom, and after the weaving process each shawl is hand brushed, to bring out its incredible softness and can also be re-brushed after heavy use.

  • Hypoallergenic, vegan 60% acrylic, 40% cotton

  • One size, 34″ x 75″

  • Machine washable in cold, hang dry

  • Sky has a white warp with a light blue weft

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LG Charcoal scarf
Hand-loomed Charcoal Scarf


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