In Our Shoes: On Being a Young Black Woman in Not-So “Post-Racial” America


by Brianna Holt

Format: Paperback

In Our Shoes: On Being a Young Black Woman in Not-So “Post-Racial” America is a memoir in essays about young Black women and the stereotypes and preconceived notions they are expected to live up to, examined through the lens of Brianna Holt’s lived experience and pop culture to help readers unlearn their biases and expand their worldviews.

Part memoir, part cultural critique, In Our Shoes will walk readers through the common stereotypes and issues young Black women have to overcome in modern America, in order to dismantle myths about Black womanhood and explore the roles Black millennial women take on simply to survive.

In nine thoughtful chapters laced with searing commentary, reportage, personal anecdotes from Brianna’s own life, as well as interviews conducted with “everyday” Black women, In Our Shoes hopes to illuminate readers on the complexities of existence for Black women and create a digestible, thought-provoking book that will help readers to learn, empathize, reflect, and act.

A personal history, a work of criticism, a piece of reporting, and a call to action, In Our Shoes is a timely exploration of race and womanhood that aims to entertain and inform.

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