Tenement Fire Escape Ornament


4″ Laser cut metal ornament

Designed in New York City, Made in New Jersey

This delicate ornament pays homage to the New York City fire escape, a lifeline to our neighbors in a city where very few have access to outdoor space. Just as they connected generations of immigrant families who settled on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the fire escape gives many an opportunity to connect with each other and the world amid a pandemic, whether it’s just a chance to get some fresh air or to clap for our essential workers at 7PM.

The Tenement Museum is a cultural institution, focused on fostering a society that embraces and values the significant role of immigration by telling the stories of immigrants who once lived in our buildings, many of whom lived through pandemics or uncertainty similar to what we face today. In placing this ornament in your home this year, we hope that the next generation of New Yorkers will celebrate being #newyorktough

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Tenement Fire Escape Ornament


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