The Gargoyler of Greenwich Village


by Randall Wolff 

photographed by Michale Natale

Format: Paperback

This book recounts the true story of the author’s life in New York City between the ages of 13 and 23, a unique period in which he discovered stone and wood carvings, sculpted terracotta, cast-iron, gargoyles, keystones, bronze, and stained glass artifacts were being destroyed during demolitions of old buildings. Most of these artifacts were winding up in the landfill because few cared, and fewer even wanted to save these items. Even at the tender age of 13, the author recognized the cultural and artistic value of these works of art, and the amount of time and labor, along with the quality materials that went into their creation. He saw all of these unwanted discards as something valuable which simply had to be saved by someone, and he developed an intense interest in doing so. “My story is very unique, because of my young age, and the sheer extent of my architectural salvage collection which totaled fifty tons.”Readers will come to appreciate the amount of work, and care which went into creating these unique works of art, and why they were worth saving by a 13 year old kid. “In the pages that follow, you will be climbing around on the scaffold thirty-two stories above the sidewalk with me at four o’clock in the morning, and accompanying me up every step of the half-rotted staircases in old tenements- as well as have one collapse under your feet! You will also be looking over my shoulder as a large keystone falls out of the wall, breaking the rope, and crashing on the marquee twenty-five feet below. Enjoy browsing through over two hundred photographs, many of which were taken in the mid 1970s of buildings which no longer exist, architectural pieces rescued, and lastly- photos of my own sculptural works.”

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