The Lower East Side Remembered and Revisited: History and Guide to a Legendary Neighborhood


Format: Paperback

The Lower East Side has been home to some of the city’s most iconic restaurants, shopping, and architecture. The neighborhood has also welcomed generations of immigrants, from newly arrived Italians and Jews to today’s Latino and Asian newcomers. This history has become somewhat obscured, however, as the Lower East Side appears more hip than historic, with wealth and gentrification changing the character of the neighborhood.

Chronicling these developments, along with the hidden gems that still speak of a vibrant immigrant identity, Joyce Mendelsohn provides a complete guide to the Lower East Side of then and now. After an extensive history that stretches back to Manhattan’s first settlers, Mendelsohn offers five self-guided walking tours that include more than 150 sites, acquainting readers with the dynamics of a neighborhood that has become a community of contrasts: aged tenements nestled among luxury apartment towers, which sit next to historic churches and synagogues. Mendelsohn shows how to read this brand-new chapter of a classic New York story.

“This is an original and significant contribution to the understanding of the historical and contemporary Lower East Side. Mendelsohn’s book puts recent enormous changes into a historical context and makes them come alive through her in-depth tours.” –Suzanne Wasserman, Director, Gotham Center for New York City History, CUNY

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